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01. about

Cosmic was created in 1985 in Barcelona as family company manufacturing quality bathroom accessories. From the very start our well-defined mission was to design accessories with superior features which would stand out above those already in the market.

As the new millennium approached, Cosmic became the benchmark brand, a point of reference not only for accessories but also in bathroom furniture. The success behind this new way of understanding the concept of bathroom space resulted in the company exporting over 50% of its production over five continents.

02. product

Discover the best furniture for the bathroom and the hundreds of accessories that will make your bathroom and shower in a modern space, with design of high quality and level.

COSMIC has gone from being an accessories manufacturer to the driver behind a new bathroom culture. It instigates understanding the bathroom as an additional reflection of the personality of each individual and their search for wellbeing through design.

03. the designers

Over the years the Cosmic Studio has been designing and developing numerous collections that have become classics. It has also collaborated with and coordinated work by renowned designers, such as Alex Armenter, Gerard Moline, Miquel de Mas.

A multitude of pieces come out of architectonic forms that dominate with their resistance. Full collection of accessories, converted into a classic. After thirty years of creating exclusive bathrooms, Cosmic is going the extra mile with the launch of its first collection of high quality screens and partitions.

Alex Armenter

Gerard Moline

Miquel De Mas