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01. about

Pomd’or started in Barcelona in 1974 as a manufacturer of glass objects for opticians. Later on, evolving into the manufacture of glass for decoration; vases, glass beads, doorknobs. In the mid ‘80s pomd’or decided to fuse metal and glass, creating the first accessories collection and in time specializing in bathroom accessories.

In 2009 , Industrias Cosmic S.A. took over the manufacture and marketing of pomd’or in order to position it as a leading luxury and elegance brand. Currently, there are some 1,400 stores worldwide.

02. product

Evolving yet remaining faithful to a lifestyle. For over three decades pomd’or has bet for its attention to details, the quality of its materials and its meticulous manufacturing process based on the essence of its products.

The mastery of the craft and the stability of long-lasting and unequivocal values have been a critical part of its vision to go beyond the classic design and make pomd’or a legendary brand that moves forward without losing sight of its hallmark of authenticity and elegance. With the launch of the Kubic collection in the mid ‘90s pomd’or experienced great growth both domestically and abroad.

03. The Designers

Mirage by pomd’or is the new design tool for bathrooms. A creation invented by talented designer Eugeni Quitllet who presents a collection conceived for the ultimate interior design of bathrooms. The collection includes a considerable number of items: unit, mirrors, sink, bathroom and accessories in such as way that they form a hexagon and project reflections combining light and shadow

Eugeni Quitllet